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"The Rich Jerk"

I don't usually review eBooks, because I'm a software freak! But I'm making an exception in the case of "The Rich Jerk" because of all the controversy that has ensued.

Let me explain.. The sales website for this eBook is one of the most unusual that I've seen for a long time. Here's a guy who claims to be filthy rich and who rams this fact down your throat on his website. He flashes images of his ClickBank and bank statements, and other evidence to back up his claims. He hides behind anonymity. And he says he's going to reveal the secrets behind his wealth, most of which was created online. All this for just $97.

Sounds as phoney as hell, doesn't it? Almost every time when I see a site like this, I just close down my browser. I've been scammed enough in my early years on the Net not to fall for this trick again. Usually these "secrets" are just a load of fluff. And usually the author is lying through his teeth about his "riches".

But the "Rich Jerk" generated a whole lot of discussion on some leading internet marketing forums. His identity was soon revealed and, yes, he is a highly successful internet marketer, but one who has avoided the limelight until now.

And yes, there is enough evidence to make his claims of internet riches believable.

So, is his eBook any good? Before I got it myself, I read a lot of comments from other people who had downloaded it.

Some people, including some highly respectable internet marketers, said that it was brilliant, and that, although a lot of the material wasn't new to them, the bits that were made it an essential purchase.

Others, many of them apparently fairly new to internet marketing, said that it was deeply disappointing.

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Should You Buy The Rich Jerk's eBook?

So, what's my take on it, now that I've had a chance to read it? Should you buy it?

Well, in my opinion, it depends on you answering "yes" to all of the following questions:

  • Are you a confident internet marketer? I nearly said "experienced", but some newcomers to internet marketing are confident enough to make decisions. By "confident" I mean being willing to experiment on a variety of internet marketing methods.
  • Are you prepared to take risk? (i.e. spend any money without a 100% guarantee of making a profit) I don't mean putting your home or your family at risk, but rather spending money which would make you slightly uncomfortable if you saw no return from it. The first test might be buying the Rich Jerk's eBook if there were no money-back guarantee (however, there is one!). Or how would you feel about spending a fixed daily amount on Google AdWords for a month (it doesn't matter what the daily amount is) with no guaranteed payback.
  • Are you willing to act? This applies to any "how to" book. You're wasting your money if you buy an info product and do nothing with it. You'll need to set aside time, not only to read the Rich Jerk's eBook (a modest 41 pages), but, even more importantly, to start to implement his ideas.
  • Are you able to follow instructions? Some of the Rich Jerk's ideas are general concepts (like how to protect yourself from scammers online) but a lot of them are very precise instructions on what you should do under certain circumstances. If you tend to skip detail and end up doing what you "think is best", you'll miss the main benefits from this eBook.

If you hesitated at this point, then back off now. Close this browser window. The Rich Jerk's eBook is not for you. You'll be wasting your money.

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What Did I Find Valuable In This eBook?

I learnt a lot. But the most valuable information for me was:

  • Trusted sources that the Rich Jerk has used (such as wholesalers and drop-shippers - page 32 in the eBook). Now that I know more about his background, I'm prepared to believe in his recommendations.
  • How to protect yourself from scammers and other online robbers. Maybe I'm just paranoid! I never realised that there was a way (page 31) to send an email to someone that not only lets you know when that person had opened your email, but it also let you know their location in the world. Many scammers will claim to be in the USA or the UK, but are, instead, in Russia or Indonesia.
  • Search engine optimisation ("SEO") strategies. I sell my SEO services to a lot of businesses. I'm pretty good at getting my clients' websites ranking higher in the search engines. But the Rich Jerk (pages 20-25) showed me a lot of tactics I wasn't aware of. This should delight my clients! I particularly liked (from a techie point of view) the way to use an .htaccess file to redirect visitors from one page to another, without upsetting the search engines (they don't like 'redirects').
  • Buying & Selling Wholesale Goods. (pages 29 - 36) This has been a closed book to me until now. I know that the Rich Jerk has made a lot of his money through this channel, but it's something that I've never thought seriously about before. I need to look into this income generation source more seriously, and this eBook has given me some very valuable pointers.. especially about how to avoid being ripped off in the wholesale markets.
  • The best way to earn money as a ClickBank affiliate. His advice is so simple I wonder why I haven't thought of it before. In addition (page 37) he shows you how to check out vital statistics on each of the thousands of ClickBank products. I never really understood the 'gravity' statistic until now. Mind you, the Rich Jerk doesn't explain how you find the time to check all these thousands of products! I personally use a bit of software called Affiliates Alert. It's helped me to find some valuable ClickBank products.

You can read the Rich Jerk's insulting sales page here

What Did I Hate About This eBook?

  • His condescending manner at times. Fair enough on his sales pages. I thought they were hilarious. But to be greeted when I opened his book with the statement "Congratulations, apparently you do have a brain!" was a little insulting. Also, the footers to each page annoyed me: "I'm better than you because I am rich" (oh no, you're not!) and "You know you want to be like me." (I very much doubt it!). True, most of the text in his eBook isn't like this, but why annoy a customer?
  • The way he's protected his PDF file. You need a password - fine, no problem. You can't print it. Why not? I learn best from a printed eBook because I can read it anywhere, not just when I'm in front of a computer. You can't highlight and copy any of the text. This really p***ed me off, because he includes some good website code that he expects you to copy. OK, none of these affected me, because I've got software (cost me about $30) that strips out all of this protection. But most people won't know how to do this. Incidentally, if you do buy the Rich Jerk's eBook from this page, let me know, and I'll tell you how to remove all the limitations from the file.
  • Some of his money-making schemes. This is personal. I will have nothing to do with gambling, so his advice on online casinos was no help to me. Also, I'm uneasy about his previous dealings with "foreign pharmacies". Currency trading and other stock market schemes I also class as gambling, so I gained nothing from his advice in these areas. As I said, these are personal beliefs. I'm not trying to ram them down your throat :-) If you're happy with these, that's fine by me!


On balance, I'm happy that I acquired the Rich Jerk's eBook. I reckon that I've got far more value from his advice than the cost of the eBook. A great deal more value.

But it's not for everyone. If you're a complete newcomer to internet marketing, then unless you're exceptional (fast learner, ready to learn and take both action and risks), then I'd say don't buy it.

On the other hand, if you've knocked around internet marketing for a year or two, if you're reasonably comfortable with HTML (or you use the services of someone who is), if you're prepared to invest a little risk money trying out the Rich Jerk's ideas, then, yes, you should definitely buy it.

But the decision is down to you. Prepare to be insulted and / or amused. Have a look at the really innovative sales page for the Rich Jerk's eBook:

Here's where to go - click here



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