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Search Engine Optimization: Does SEO Elite Really Deliver?

SEO EliteAre you familiar with Brad Callen’s SEO Elite?  Let’s forget about the sales hype and talk about if and how this software can benefit you.  So what can SEO Elite do for you and your website? 

SEO Elite helps in one very important method of achieving high search engine rankings:  that of building link popularity, a key component of SEO.  Building your site’s link popularity involves increasing the number and quality of websites that will link back to yours.

SEO Elite focuses on one thing, and that is to get your website to the top of the major search engine listings.  SEO Elite approaches this from a linking stand point.  Linking is vital to your website’s page rank and subsequently to your websites position in the search engines.  Targeted backlinks (incoming links to your website) go a long way in helping you improve your Page Rank.  Often people don’t realize how time consuming getting good quality backlinks is and all the hard work and tracking it involves

Features of SEO Elite

SEO Elite contains everything you need to simplify the tasks required to get a high search engine ranking.  With this software you can:

1. Get links to your pages

SEO Elite allows you to search for realistic linking partners.  You can do this by selecting the Page Rank of the related sites you want SEO Elite to search for.  Many SEO Elite affiliates stress the software’s ability to help you find high ranking link partners.  What they don’t tell you is that realistically this information is useless because there is no way you can get a giant PR 9 site to link back to your < PR4 site.  However, by allowing you to choose more realistic site matches SEO Elite becomes even more useful.

 2. Analyze backlinks using a specific search engine

 Simply enter the URL of your competitor, click a button and SEO Elite checks all backlinks.  The main advantages here over checking backlinks with Google’s toolbar is that you get a list of all web pages including important information like:  PR, Alexa Rank, title of linking page, anchor text used to link to your competitor, number of outbound links on the page, total number of links on the page, Whois information for that page, contact e-mail, and link popularity.  This information will allow you to find out why a page is ranking well, and then beat the competition and take their top spot.

Once you build up your site’s backlinks to where it has over a hundred incoming links it can take over a week to manually go back and check on your partners.  When your site grows and gains its Page Rank some of your old link partnerships may no longer be valuable to you.  SEO Elite will show you the PR info for your partners and you can see if your website has surpassed them in PR.  This allows you to eliminate links to low PR sites which are not rewarded by Google simply by removing them from your link directory.

You can also check to see if your linking partners are using any dangerous SEO techniques.  Your site can be PR zeroed if your link partner has been penalized.  SEO Elite will notify you immediately when any of your link partners have been penalized and protect your website from penalized as well by simply removing them from your link directory.

3. Analyze "Allinanchor", "allintitle" and "allintext"

  • Allinanchor will rank the websites in order of importance by the websites with the most backlinks containing the specified keyword.
  • Allintitle will rank the websites in order of importance by the websites with the most optimized page title for the specified keyword.
  • Allintext will rank the websites in order of importance by the websites with the most optimized on page text for the specified keyword.

 4. Verify that link partners are still linking back

 Find valuable information like:

  • Whether your link partners still link to you and from where on their website
  •  What link text they use to link to you (very important for link reputation of your page)
  •  What PR does that page have (important not to link to penalized sites or your site may be penalized)
  •  What is the Alexa rank of the site linking to you
  •  The page title of the linking page
  •  The number of links on the linking page

The information you get from this feature of SEO Elite will put you way ahead of the competition.

5. Find out where your site is ranked for a given keyword

 Check your Google, Yahoo, MSN, All the Web and AltaVista rankings.  SEO Elite will give you daily, weekly and monthly changes to your rankings.

6. Find out how many pages on your website are indexed

 Which search engines have your pages in their index?  Why are some pages not getting indexed?  This tool can help you find which pages need more effort.

7. Find possible authority websites

SEO Elite will find authority sites in your niche and gather the contact information for you.  Links from these sites can provide you with highly targeted traffic via your own backlinks.

8. Submit your articles to a giant list of Article Directories

 SEO Elite will submit your articles to the best, high ranking article directories!  You only have to enter your article once in SEO Elite and it will automatically fill in the required fields for each of the article directories.  This is a HUGE time saver.

9. Submit your site to a list of link directories automatically

 SEO Elite submits your site to link directories and builds and maintains your link page for you another time saver.

10. Check the ranking of any website you like

Simply type in the URL, one or more key phrases, select the search engines you want to have checked and SEO Elite will show you where your website is ranked.

What I like about SEO Elite

  • SEO Elite has a 50 page help manual that provides detailed step by step instructions that is easy to understand for anyone regardless of their SEO knowledge and experience.
  • Brad Callen has a new video training center for SEO Elite at  with step by step videos to show you how to use SEO Elite to get a high PR ranking for your website.
  • 24 Hour Customer Help Desk
  • If you own SEO Elite you can become a forum member and request new features for SEO Elite.  There’s a good possibility that the feature you recommend will be included in future updates.
  • SEO Elite gives you the contact info of all the sites pointing to high PR sites.  You can email all the high PR sites that they are linked to giving you the opportunity to get the same high ranking backlinks they have.  You can even do this from within SEO Elite.
  • You can analyze the page optimization techniques of high PR sites  including the keyword density and which specific keywords they use, whether they are using H1, H2 tags etc and what they are, and the meta tags they are using if any.  All this added to all the link information and you have a proven blueprint which will give you a high PR ranking in the top search engines.
  • I like the fact that SEO Elite allows you to search for realistic linking partners.  . 
  • SEO Elite provide free life time software upgrades.  I was pleasantly surprised when I clicked on the SEO Elite icon to receive a popup message that “There is a newer version of SEO Elite.  Do you want to download and install it?”  Now I have the latest version SEO Elite 4.0.

What I didn’t like about this software

It takes time and effort to learn how to utilize all of the features of SEO Elite.  It won’t solve all of your SEO problems.  You need a solid knowledge of the fundamentals of SEO and relevant content on your website.  I guess that is a personal problem. ;-) 


Any reputable webmaster will tell you that incoming links are vital to high rankings in the search engines.  SEO Elite gives you all the information you need to evaluate not only your own linking campaigns, but the linking strategies and any kind of SEO optimization tricks your competitors may be using, and then beat them at their own game.

SEO Elite will save you many hours a week and will make you a better SEO.  It is not difficult to use.  While it takes time and effort to learn how to utilize all of its features; it is not rocket science.  In fact it’s very simple.  Basically what SEO Elite provides you is a blueprint you can use to start ranking high on any of the popular search engines.

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Software review by Olivia Blair


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