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"Resell Rights Riches"

I've got a huge amount of storage space on my PC, and a lot of it is filled up with information products in eBook format. Most of them are junk. Most of them are huge, bloated eBooks, with hundreds of pages that nobody is ever likely to read, let alone print out (which is the only way to read an eBook!).

When I was given a review copy of "Resell Rights Riches", my first impression was negative. I didn't like the title. To me, anything with "riches" in the title sounds like hype. And I don't like hype.

The "Internet Marketing Progression"

However, I do like resell rights products; it's really what launched my internet marketing career. Let me explain about what I call the "internet marketing progression". It's the process that many internet marketers go through, from start-up to success...

  1. You start by acting as an "affiliate". Basically, you are a sales agent, promoting other people's products and getting commission when people buy those products through your "affiliate link". Affiliate commissions can range from a meagre 10% to a massive 75% of the product's price. Many, many people fall at this first hurdle. They don't realise that you have to do a lot more than sticking a load of product banners on a web page, hosted on a free service!
  2. If you start to taste success as an affiliate marketer, you may then start to acquire "resell rights" to products. Here, the products are yours to sell; you keep 100% of the profits. You have to set up your own web pages and payment systems (ClickBank and PayPal are popular, inexpensive payment systems). Some products (generally the cheaper ones) come with resell rights when you buy them. With other products, you have to buy the resell rights.
  3. The final step in the "internet marketing progression" is when you produce and launch your own products. This is the pinnacle of internet marketing. You have complete control over everything!

But - and it may come as a surprise to some people - many of the top internet marketers never drop stages 1 and 2. Even though they have their own products, they still earn money online as both affiliate marketers and as sellers of products with resell rights. And the latter is much more profitable than the former.

Disappointing for some people?

OK, back to this eBook which I was sent - "Resell Rights Riches". Putting aside my dislike of the title, I opened the PDF file, expecting to find over 100 pages of "bloat-ware". I was, however, very pleasantly surprised to see that there were only 42 pages.

Some people might be disappointed. Others might actually feel that they've been ripped off. But in my experience, a shorter eBook is a better eBook. And it doesn't cost as much to print out :-)

The author, Simon Hodgkinson, is clearly someone who knows his way around the resell rights market. Even better, he thinks like me!

Simon has clearly followed the path that I have trodden. I guess that I could have written the same report as him, only maybe not as well :-) And I know that he has written his report from his own personal experiences, rather than just re-hashing the same old internet marketing ideas.

So, what are the good and bad points about "Resell Rights Riches"?

What I liked about the report

  • The logical flow of ideas. Simon starts with a clear definition of the different types of resell rights and proceeds through how to select products and how to sell them (directly, through affiliates and through joint ventures - and through a variety of other marketing techniques). All of this is fairly standard material - unless you are just starting out as a reseller, in which case it will all be valuable information.
  • Original ideas. That occupies about 60 percent of the report. The second half is where it really kicks in with some powerful strategies. It's these that separate the successful from the unsuccessful reseller. It's these that make the report essential reading for resellers at all experience levels. In his introduction to the second part of the report, Simon says: "In the following chapters I'm going to be discussing the BEST ways to make money from Resell Rights Products. So far, we've only been skirting around the edges. Now we need to get serious". And it's in this part of the report that people who think that the only way to make money from resell rights is to buy such rights will have their eyes opened!
  • The presentation. I liked the visual appearance of the report. Now this has nothing to do with the content, but the report is laid out in such a way that it makes for very easy reading. You are more likely to understand and implement the ideas if a report is easy on the eyes.
  • The writing style. Simon could easily have produced a report two or three times the length. But he has a concise style, which means that there's very little "fluff" in the report.
  • The "bonuses". Often, "bonuses" added to a product are just a collection of old stuff the author has thrown together. But in this case, the huge bonus package has been carefully put together, and could actually form the nucleus of a reseller business, if you are just starting out. OK, there are a few tired old products in the bonus pack, but to many people, there's some very helpful tools, reports - and products to resell.

What I disliked about the report

  • The title. As I said, anything with "Riches" in the title smacks of hype to me. It's not a title which I would have used!
  • No Contents Page or Bookmarks. When I've read a good report, I like to re-read it selectively. A hyperlinked contents page is essential if you want to find a section quickly. And, since the report is in PDF format, it seems a shame that Simon hasn't taken advantage of the Adobe Acrobat Bookmarks feature, which makes it even easier to move around the report.
  • Blatent affiliate links. I don't mind discreet affiliate links in the body of the text of I report that I've paid good money for. But I don't like blatent ads set in separate panels. There's a couple of examples of this in the report - which contradict Simon's own advice in his report.

Conclusions and recommendations

Despite my minor criticisms, "Resell Rights Riches" is a concise and well-written guide to making good money from selling products with resell rights. As with any report, it will be a waste of your money if (a) you're not wanting to travel down this path and (b) you don't follow through with action - nothing happens without action.

I haven't mentioned "price" before, because I believe that a product should be judged on its merits rather than its price. But I'll say it now - it is extremely competitively priced!

I'm happy to recommend it.

Here's where to find the "Resell Rights Riches" sales page



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