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Rapid Mass Traffic: Review


A couple of days before I bought "Rapid Mass Traffic", I'd bought into another so-called "system" - all about affiliate marketing. I was bitterly disappointed, and I got a refund. It was just a load of re-hashed stuff, with virtually no new ideas.

So I approached "Rapid Mass Traffic" ("RMT") with a somewhat suspicious mind, not really believing everything that Moh Latif said on his sales page! But, since the product is backed by a ClickBank guarantee, I felt safe in giving RMT a test drive.

Accessing The Components Of The Package

Rapid Mass TrafficAfter paying, and passing through a load of "OTOs" and "upsells" (more of which in a minute!), I got to the download page. In all, there's about 235 Mb of files to download - 16 videos and 8 PDFs.

If you've got a reasonably fast connection, it shouldn't take too long to get them all onto your hard drive. I used Firefox for the downloads because it handles multiple downloads pretty well.

The Core Manual

At the heart of RMT is the "Core Manual". This is a massive 184-page PDF, packed with very detailed information about the techniques that Latif uses to (a) get traffic and (b) make money from the traffic.

Now, clearly, I'm not going to reveal Latif's techniques in detail here! But what I can say is:

  • You get to learn about a very low cost instant traffic generating source. It's not free, but it's tons cheaper than any of the pay per click networks

  • You get to learn how to drive this traffic - highly targeted traffic - to any website you choose. You don't need a website yourself to make use of this method

  • You get to learn how to select the most profitable sources of income, and how to find the keywords which produce targeted visitors to visit these revenue-generating sources.

Now I've been involved in internet marketing for many years, and the techniques that Moh Latif reveals were completely new to me!

I found the manual to be refreshingly easy to read and, as I said, it's packed with detailed, illustrated instructions. It's one of the better "how to" manuals that I've read!

The Accompanying PDFs

These deal with three topics:

  • Outsourcing
  • Working without a website
  • Planning your campaigns

Each of these topics has a "blueprint" (a short manual)and a "mindmap" (a sort of flow chart / check list)

The first topic was of great interest to me, since it described a resource which I'd never heard of before. I'll certainly be checking it out. The second two didn't add a lot to the info in the core manual. And the "mindmaps" for all three were difficult to read in my PDF reader. And they didn't print out too well, either.

The Videos

Rapid Mass Traffic VideosThese are excellent. They are not like some video sets backing up a manual, just a series of Powerpoint slides. They are screen capture videos where you look over Moh Latif's shoulder whilst he carries out each task described in the Core Manual.

And the info in the videos isn't just an exact repetition of the manual. They add to what you learn from the manual.

They are each fairly short videos (5 - 6 minutes), so the information is easily absorbed.

On my PC system, the audio quality was excellent.

The videos are delivered in MP4, rather than flash / web page format. I had Quick Time installed on my PC, so I had no problem in viewing them. A few people may find that they need to download some sort of player software in order to watch the videos, but this is a quick process. I find that Quick Time for Windows is a good choice. If you need it, you can download it free from here.

The Upsells / One Time Offers ("OTOs")

As I said, after paying for RMT, instead of being directly to the download area, I had to pass through an array of offers for additional products which were said to enhance the core product.

This sales mechanism is becoming increasingly common. Although I find it mildly annoying, it doesn't take much time to skip them. And I always look at these offers carefully, because sometimes you can find a gem.

The extra offers for RMT-related products certainly produced one such gem.

I ignored all the extra training guides. I reckoned that I'd have enough to learn from the core material to start with.

Rapid Mass Traffic Automation SoftwareBut one caught my eye - software which greatly speeds up the various research methods which you need to follow to implement the RMT traffic and profit system.

RMT Advanced Automation Software

This software gives you five tools which finds niches (and associated sites), manipulates and generates keyword lists and finds and processes affiliate offers. That's a very basic description of what this software does.

The software is web-based, so there's nothing to download. When you've paid and registered, just login and use any of the five automation tools provided. Each tool has its own online instructional video. Pretty neat - and very effective!

I suggest that, if you decide to invest in RMT, look out carefully for this software offer and consider it. OK, at the time of looking at it, you may not have appreciated exactly how the RMT system works, but it is a great time saver.

I actually found a way of going back to this "you'll never see this again" page after I'd passed it and downloaded and read the Core Manual! Just bookmark that particular offer page and you'll be able to return to it (maybe I'm not supposed to tell you that :-) )

Yes, it involves a monthly fee, but you can try it out and, since this, like the core product, is managed through ClickBank, you'll find it easy to cancel your subscription / get a refund.

Conclusions & Recommendations

What I Really Liked

I liked this!The completeness and originality of the "system" There was one heck of a lot that I hadn't hear about before! I've had a close look at some of the resources that Moh Latif uses and they all stack up. At the time of writing this review, I've signed up (for free!) to some of these traffic and profit sources, using Moh's advice on the best way to do this.

I liked this!The Core Manual's content. It's comprehensive, to say the least. Moh doesn't just give you the theory. He gives you practical advice on how to implement each stage. And the numerous screenshots add to this information.

I liked this!The content of the videos. Rather than just repeating the basic content of the Core Manual, the videos added valuable, additional material. And it was very instructive watching Moh developing a traffic and profit campaign - around the theme of auto insurance. Just imagine how much per click you'd have to pay on Google Adwords for those keywords! RMT's system gets you traffic for such niches at a fraction of the cost of Adwords.

I liked this!The customer service. I had a couple of initial queries. These were answered via email within three hours. That's important.

What I Didn't Like

If you've read some other of my product reviews, you'll know that I can be very "picky" - I like perfection! And, in the case of Rapid Mass Traffic, although I like the whole package a lot, it can be improved! Here are some of my minor criticisms:

I didn't like this!  Lack of a clickable contents page in the Core Manual. With a manual nearly 200 pages long, it's important to find your way quickly around the document. Heck, the contents pages don't even have page numbers against each header, let alone clickable links to each header! It's so easy to do, yet it hasn't been done :-(

I didn't like this!  The layout of the mindmaps / flow charts. Impossible to read easily and difficult to print out. They are only one page long per document, so it would have been easy to lay these wide diagrams out in landscape, rather than portrait mode. Sloppy!

I didn't like this! The format of the videos. I have no problem in viewing MP4 files, but some people might. One solution might have been to wrap each video, in flash format, up in an HTML page (you know, called "click-here-to-view.html" or something like that) along with all the other Camtasia-generated files. Then no-one would have problems viewing the videos. But Moh doesn't even suggest where to get a player for MP4 videos - as I have done earlier in this review!

I didn't like this! The sales page. Let's face it, I hardly like anyone else's sales pages! They are usually too hyped up. And Moh's sales page is no exception. There are too many "look how well I've done" screenshots for my personal taste. But I'll say this for the sales page.. after I'd bought the package, I went back and compared the claims on the sales page with the information I'd been given.

And the sales page was factually accurate, as far as I can see!

Final Recommendations

If you are prepared to spend absolutely nothing to use the RMT methods, then forget it.

Ditto if you're not prepared to put in a few hours of work. OK, once you've signed up to the various resources recommended in Rapid Mass Traffic, and you've got one campaign underway, then you'll find it very quick to repeat the process - especially if you've opted for the optional "Advanced Automation Software".

But, as with all techniques, there's a learning curve, and you have to be prepared to put a few hours in learning the system.

Is RMT for "newbies"? The sales page seems to suggest that's the case. And I'd tend to agree with this. But, if you consider yourself to be a "newbie", then ask yourself if you're going to work at it and not just read the Core Manual, watch a few videos.. and then move on to the next "hot product". That would be a waste of your time and money. You'll need some commitment and perseverance. And, no, you don't need a website!

I think this is an excellent and an original approach to start to really earn some useful cash. And so it has my recommendation.

Here's where to go to read the (rather hyped) sales page and to sign up for Rapid Mass Traffic:

And yes, is an affiliate link! And I will get commission if you sign up through that link! So why would you want me to earn some cash from you?

Because I'm going to help you!

Ian TraynorForget all those fancy bonuses that other people are offering. They are, generally just a load of other stuff for you to download and not read!

I'm be working through the Rapid Mass Traffic methods. I'm motivated. I need to generate more "passive income". And RMT is, I'm convinced, going to help me to achieve my goals.

So, I'll be at least a few steps ahead of you in implementing these powerful techniques. And I'll give you my personal help if you need advice.

If you decide to invest in Rapid Mass Traffic, just go to the sales page through this link:

If you decide to follow my advice and buy into RMT, check that, at the bottom of the ClickBank payment page, it says:

[affiliate = marketingm].

When you purchase, I'll probably know, through my ClickBank control panel who you are.

And, at any time you need my help, just email me at this special email address:

.. and tell me what how you want me to help you. Include in your email the name and email address that you used when paying through ClickBank.


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