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"Promo Dashboard"

"Promo Dashboard" from Marlon Sanders is a unique and well-deisgned online training course. It is aimed at teaching newbies how to promote anything online, with the emphasis on building a responsive, targeted mailing list.

One vital task that any internet marketer needs to tackle is to build a List of subscribers. This is the "secret" behind the success of many of the "big hitters" in internet marketing.

I had previously experienced Marlon Sander's first "dashboard", his "Marketing Dashboard", and he has continued the theme with several other training courses, each aimed at different aspects of internet marketing.

I was interested to see if his "Promo Dashboard" retained the quality of "Marketing Dashboard". And I was not disappointed!

Mind you, there are a few things that I don't like about "Promo Dashboard" - more about these lower down this page. In the meantime, let me take you on a short video tour of "Promo Dashboard" - click the "play" button to view it:

Click to watch video

I hope that you've got some idea after watching that video how "Promo Dashboard" works, and that I've given you a flavour of the depth of training that Marlon and his team have made available.

Of course, in such a short video, I've only been able to scratch the surface of what is available. You might get more information from Marlon's sales page (hype alert.. Marlon does tend to go over the top at times!)

How The Dashboard Works

The idea is that you work through the tasks methodically. You start on Row #1 and complete all the tasks on that row before you move on to Row #2.

There might be the temptation to skip ahead, but that would be a mistake. One of the good things about Marlon's Dashboards is the methodical way in which he leads you through each task in a logical order. If you are a "newbie" (and this is whom the course is aimed at) you will need to take your time to master each step.

OK, there are some things that are optional. For example, when you are creating an "offer", to entice people to subscribe to your newsletter, you might be more inclined to prepare one type of product rather than another. There's no way that you'd want to prepare a report and a PowerPoint presentation and screenshot videos and so on. But at least you are given a choice - and detailed instructions on whatever your choice happens to be.

Other Components

In addition to the main Dashboard, there are tabs leading you to the various bonuses described in the sales page (including the Turbo Bonus if you opted for the.. which I did) and also to a forum - which is rather sparsely used.

What I Like About "Promo Dashboard" :-)

*The Detail In The Training: As I said, this course is aimed at "newbies" and Marlon has assumed very little prior knowledge. Almost everything is described in great detail - and illustrated with screenshots and videos where appropriate. OK, he does sometimes slip and use a bit of jargon which isn't explained completely. But generally, everything is described in detail

*The Use Of Freebies: Marlon doesn't assume that everyone is going to be able to shell out mega-bucks for stuff like the Dreamweaver web page editor or the Camtasia screen capture video software. He suggests that you might want to get stuff like that later, but in the meantime he recommends good, free software.

*The Mix Of Training Aids: Marlon uses text, graphics, audio and video to good effect. Everyone learns in different ways, but I reckon that he's got the balance right here.

*The "Tips" Side Panel: The main part of each task deals mainly with the techie "how to" stuff. But there are very valuable tips in the right-hand side panel which give you guidance on each topic based, I guess, on Marlon's extensive internet marketing experience.

*The Use Of "Example" Sites: Throughout the course, Marlon points you to other sites who are using a particular technique. I, personally, find this a great way to learn. Almost every time I look at someone else's website, I learn something.. even if it's how not to do something!

What I Don't Like About "Promo Dashboard" :-(


 Silly Little Errors: Such as an incorrect link in the main navigation bar! The course has been online for long enough for such errors to have been corrected.

* Some Inconsistencies In Navigation: Sometimes a link opens in a new window, sometimes it doesn't. I think that every link to an external site should open in a new browser window. But they don't.

* Use Of Slang: OK, I'm a Brit who is proud of the English language! But Marlon's repeated use of "wanna" instead of "want to" annoys me. OK, it doesn't detract from the value of the training, but it's not "friendly" - it's "un-professional".

* The Sales Page: I don't think that it does "Promo Dashboard" justice. Yes, so I don't like hype (and Marlon seems to), but putting this aside, I don't think that he describes "Promo Dashboard" well enough for people to see just what they are getting. I hope that this review makes things clearer for prospective customers. See what you think. The sales page is here:


If you are experienced with the techie stuff, such as setting up a squeeze page, configuring an autoresponder and so on, then "Promo Dashboard" will not help you a lot. Yes, I learnt quite a few things from the training - maybe even enough to justify the cost!

If, on the other hand, you are really struggling with not just the technical aspects but the whole process of learning how to promote and how to start building your subscriber list, then "Promo Dashboard" is a must. Check it out now:

One final point: is "Promo Dashboard" a direct competitor to my Newbies School of Internet Marketing? Not really! My School covers some of the same ground, but is more extensive in what it covers. It offers personal one-to-one tuition. And it is more expensive than "Promo Dashboard"!


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