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I have long been a "fan" of John Reese.

For over two years, I shelled out $95 per month for "The Reese Report" (it cost me nearly $2,500 in that time).

I also own his highly detailed (and expensive) "Traffic Secrets 2.0" course. The massive box with all the CDs and manuals is by my side as I write this.

John is a "mega marketer", but he's not remote in the way that some of the big guns are (to name no names!). And he and his team have the knack of knowing what we "little guys" want and need.

And with "", he has homed in on what many people need help with.. affiliate marketing.   

Many people start off in internet marketing by selling as an affiliate. You don't need any products to sell. Heck, you don't even need a website or a mailing list (although  both of those are useful).

And even when people do start selling their own stuff, they continue to sell as an affiliate. I do. And a good proportion of my income comes from affiliate marketing.

So What Is ""?

It's a membership site which delivers a huge range of services aimed at helping people become skilled affiliate marketers. Let me give you a quick video tour of what's inside the Members Area. Click the image below to view the video:

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Quick Summary Of The Main Areas
In The Membership Area:


This might seem to be a minor part of the service. In fact, I rate it as one of the most important parts! When I was a subscriber to John Reese's monthly "Reese Report", one of the sections which I most looked forward to was where he highlighted 3 or 4 niches each month, and showed you how to capitalise on these niches with content-filled blogs or websites. Many of these niches I would never have thought of myself.

In, the "News" section does the same job, only with the emphasis being on affiliate niches and niche products. And the information seems to be flowing on a regular basis, not just being updated once per month as with the "Reese Report".

Find Offers

I've seen quite a few affiliate directories in my time, but none have been as comprehensive as the "Find Offers" section in I'm particularly impressed by the wide number of affiliate networks that John and his team are monitoring.

I get regular updates from Commission Junction, and I frequently scan the new products that appear on ClickBank. But there's no way that I could check the huge range of networks covered in the "Find Offers" section of

I also like the way the directory is organised, and the way that you can "drill down" to find out more about niches and individual products in the niches.

My Opportunities

This is a neat way of tucking away gems that you find in the directory, all ready for you to take action at some fut ure date. It's very easy, after drilling down to an individual product, to add it to "My Opportunities". One click of a button is all you need to do.

Mind you, I can see that, unless I'm disciplined in the way I use this device, "My Opportunities" could easily get clogged up. But there is a way, if you do accumulate a lot of stuff in this area, to sort your listings by category (= niche), by date or by sale / lead.

My Alerts

In theory this is a good way of making sure that you keep up to date with what new products appear in specific niches. But I'm not sure that I'll be using this a lot - and I'm surprised that there seems (at present) not to be a way of showing what Alerts you have set up.

Training Center

I have become used to John Reese's training videos from the time when I used to get his "Reese Report". Another feature of the monthly subscription was videos which supported the written content of the newsletter (which cost $95 per month!).

The quality of the videos in the Training Center (and there are nearly 40 of them at the time of writing) is equally high - if not better.

Some of the material was not new to me. Some was an eye-opener, such as the video on getting the most out of But then that's what I'd expect, because is aimed at both experienced affiliate marketers and newcomers alike.    

"Settings" and "Help"

The former just lets you change your email address and password. The latter simply leads to a support desk, where you can open a ticket and get one-to-one help.

:-) What I Like About :-)

*The News Area. This has got tremendous potential for being a vast area of niche research, as the site develops. It's still very new at the time of writing, but already there are in-depth reports on eight niches, and they seem to be added to on almost a daily basis.

*The Ability To Rapidly Drill Down The Affiliate Directory. When using this, I found that I could, very quickly, get the precise details of individual products in my selected niches. This is a huge time-saver, and a great research tool.

*My Opportunities. I like the neat way you can add a specific affiliate product to "My Opportunities" with a single click - and then organise the entries inside "My Opportunities".

*The Depth Of The Training Videos. One of the main problems facing affiliate marketers is how to get visitors to the sites where they have their affiliate links - and make sure that these are "targeted visitors". A lot of the video training covers traffic building, using a wide number of methods. And for newcomers to affiliate marketing, (who maybe think that sticking a load of advertising banners on a site is OK!), the introductory videos are excellent.

:-( What I Don't Like About :-(

On balance, I think that is an excellent service, and one that I'll be subscribing to for many months to come. But there are a few things that niggle me. I'm sure that most of them will be sorted out very soon (I've raised a support ticket about some of the issues):

*  Some Silly Errors. There's been some poor proof reading, resulting in duplicated descriptions of the videos and some errors in descriptions of a few individual affiliate products.

*  My Alerts. The fact that you can't see what alerts you've already set up.

*  Lack Of A Members Forum. The "Reese Report" was backed with an excellent forum, which produced some lively discussion and exchange of ideas. I'd like to see a similar forum intruduced for Members of

*  No Instructions On How To Use The Members Area. OK, this didn't really bother me, but I'm the sort of person who starts to use software and only reads the manual when I get stuck! I think that some people would benefit from some simple guidelines on how to get the best out of the Members Area.

As I said, these are fairly minor niggles (except for the lack of a forum), and I think that they'll get sorted out in the not-too-distant future.

My Bonuses If You Go
Through This Link:

I shouldn't really need to add any bonuses because, by now, you should have seen what excellent value is offering. Yes, of course, I benefit from affiliate commissions fro What did you expect :-)

But I never recommend anything unless I've used it and liked it. And that is certainly the case with So, here, to sweeten the deal, are the bonuses I'm offering to you if you use the link above, if you like what you see and you decide to become a Member of

I'll give you a link so that you can see all the bonuses in detail, but here's a quick summary:

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I look forward in seeing you in the Members Area of!

Kind regards
Ian Traynor
Ian Traynor
Professional Webmaster


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