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Online Business Basics

Want to start your own online business? There are so many "guides", "master plans" and so on that it can be extremely time consuming trying to find the best source of good advice.

Here's a resource which is excellent if you are a newcomer to doing business online. If you are proficient in web design, know how to "FTP", are experienced in buying domain names etc. etc. - then read no further. Because this one's not for you!

When I got the chance to review "Online Business Basics", I immediately wanted to snap up the resell rights to it. Why? Because it is the first guide that I've seen which:

  • Teaches a newcomer all the basics of setting up an online business and..
  • Presents all the tuition in the form of online videos

Not only do you learn, for example, how to "FTP" your web pages up to your web server, but you also see the FTP software actually in use, as you are talked through all the steps.

Now this is a great way to learn! It's far better than reading an eBook on screen - or even printing out an eBook (which is the way that I read them).

In all, there are 15 videos in this package. I won't describe them all here; you can visit the Online Business Basics page to get all the information.

First, let me be open with you. Yes, I did buy the resell rights, so you could say that this is not an unbiased review. But I have never sold anything that I consider third rate. And "Online Business Basics" is the best introduction to starting an online business that I have discovered.

But you be the judge of that...

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