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"The Internet Money Machine"

by Richard Quek

I must admit that the title of this eBook really put me off. "Oh no", I thought, "Not another of those 'greatest marketing secrets' books. I've downloaded hundreds of them, and nearly all are utter drivel - expensive drivel, some of them.

I wasn't greatly reassured when I saw the sales page for "The Internet Money Machine". Remember, I'm a laid-back Brit, and heavy sales copy that goes on and on doesn't do much for me.

So, here's the surprise. Forget the book's title. Forget the sales copy (you'll be looking at it in a minute!).

"The Internet Money Machine" is a brilliant, clear and simple introduction to making money online. Richard Quek lays out all the steps you need to take, starting from "What is the Internet" (maybe a bit unnecessary!) right through to looking at the factors that govern your personal success.

He covers, in practical terms, issues such as

  • Creating a website (including copy writing)
  • Setting up autoresponders and online payment systems
  • Publicity, covering search engine promotion, FFA ads ("don't bother", he correctly says), email marketing, safe lists, banner ads, pay-per-click search engines and much more.
  • Affiliate programs
  • Joint ventures
  • Viral marketing
  • Testing & tracking
  • The psychology of Internet marketing
  • ... and much more

At first glance, I thought that "The Internet Money Machine" was aimed at newcomers to making money online. And so it is, in a way, because Quek assumes that the reader is very much a newbie, and explains everything in very clear and simple language.

But even for seasoned Internet marketing campaigners, there are some real gems here (I found the psychology chapter fascinating).

If I have any complaints about the book, they are:

  • It's slightly out of date in some minor details (e.g. reference to the ROIbot tracking system. But then, the Net is changing so rapidly that no eBook will be 100 per cent accurate for more than a week or two
  • There are a few spelling mistakes. But given that Quek's first language is not English (he's Malaysian), that's understandable. Maybe it's because English isn't his first language that the writing style is so clear and simple.

So - that's my take on "The Internet Money Machine". Why not check it out for yourself - and ignore the hype on the sales page!

Get full information - click here

Oh - and one other surprise. When you download the eBook, it is in both the .exe format (Windows only) and PDF format. So you get a choice. Nice touch!


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