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The Internet Marketing Master Plan

I reckon I've got about 2,000 Mb of ebooks on my hard drive. Most of them are about "internet marketing" - and most of them are poor quality.

So, when I came across "The Internet Marketing Master Plan", it was with a certain amount of scepticism!

However, as soon as I started to read Martin Franzen's eBook, I realised what a gold mine it was.

For a start, it isn't one of those eBooks full of affiliate links. It isn't full of 'fluff' or interviews with other internet marketers. It's solid, practical content, packed with 'how-to' ideas.

What Martin Franzen has done is to give us a step-by-step guide to building an online business, and although this is far from a new concept, he does this in a way that I have never seen before (or at least, not in such detail). The core of the book is the four stages of developing your business:

  • Stage One: Creating your own product. Although Martin is a firm believer in producing your own on-line product, some of the advice here is equally applicable to finding good affiliate programs or identifying which products to acquire the resale right to. But yes, he's right; there are major benefits from having your own unique product to sell, and this part of the book is full of sound advice on how to research the market, find a profitable niche, set the price - and even, how to write your first book.
  • Stage Two: Creating the perfect sales process. In this stage, Martin show us how to create an excellent sales page - including how to get those all-important testimonials. And, accepting that many people won't buy on their first visit to the site, he gives some good ways to capture visitors' email addresses and how to follow them up.
  • Stage Three: Attracting targeted traffic to the site. Interestingly, Martin plays down the role that search engines can play in this stage - although I would have thought that at least a reference to Google Adwords would have been appropriate. The main strategies that Martin advocates are: (1) Joint ventures and affiliate programs (2) Writing articles (3) Paid-for ezine ads (4) Conventional off-line media (5) Creating a 'viral' free eBook .. and, almost as an after-thought, (6) Pay-per-click search engines.
  • Stage Four: Creating your back-end strategy. This is a topic not often covered. Basically Martin is saying that it's easier to sell to existing customers, - capture their details so that you can sell them other products. Again, there's some solid, practical help here on how to make more money from your customers.

That's the core of the book, and I reckon if that's all you got, it would be well worth the price. But, apart from throwing in the usual collection of eBook 'bonuses' (some of which are quite good), Martin also gives us a day-by-day action plan, helping us to map out all the stages and steps in the book. This is invaluable for disorganised people such as me!

But, one of the most valuable bonuses (in my opinion) is the private Members Forum that Martin has set up, where he personally answers (in great detail sometimes) questions that his customers have.

In short, this is more than a valuable and practical eBook. It's more like a complete consultancy service! I recommend that you check out Martin's sales page (and yes, there is a bit of hype on the page - but, having read his book, I know that it's believable hype!)

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