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"AdWords Miracle"

by Chris McNeeney

AdWords Miracle"AdWords Miracle" is an eBook (PDF format) which deals very specifically with making money through the effective use of Google's pay-per-click "AdWords" system. To a certain extent, this is the same topic covered by "Google AdWords 1-2-3" by Greg Heslin, which I reviewed some time ago.

But, whereas "1-2-3" was written specifically for "newbies", Chris McNeeney's book is aimed more at advanced marketers. Chris does have an opening section explaining how AdWords works, how to set up an account and how to organise your account using "campaigns" and "ad groups". But this is basic stuff which most people should be able to work out for themselves, or follow the instructions on the AdWords site.

The real meat of "AdWords Miracle" is the detailed description on how to maximise the effect of your AdWords campaigns.

Structure Of The Book

Just 111 pages long, "AdWords Miracle" is divided into 4 main sections:

1. Introduction and the Basics
This deals with setting up your AdWords account and, as I said, organising your account and transactions.

2. Writing Your Ads
This was, for me, the really valuable content in the book. Chris, in a not-very-modest way, starts off this section by saying:

"If I had to grade all my AdWord skills from a scale from 1 to 10, I would be a moderate 5-7for everything apart from writing ads, where I would grade myself as a solid 10"

I'd say he is justified in saying this! I'm no mean copywriter myself, but I've never been good at the concise type of ads needed for AdWords. Chris is a master! Within minutes of starting to read this section, I realised why some of my campaigns were failing to have the impact I'd expected.

This section alone was worth the full price of the book.

3. Campaign Management
This fairly short section covers bidding strategy and setting your budget. I was pleased to see that Chris recommends starting with a small daily budget for any particular campaign and then increasing it as the results start to show.

Bidding and budgeting are areas where you can lose money very quickly if you don't know what you are doing. I recently advised a company who were spending significant sums on AdWords who hadn't a clue what they were doing (by their own admission). "The guys who spend $200 on their first day", says Chris, "always crash and burn." Very true!

This section is essential reading for people just starting out with AdWords - and a useful refresher for existing AdWords users.

4. Special Themes
A bit of a strangely worded section title. It masks some very powerful content.

The most important part (for me) of "Special Themes" is the revised strategies for generating affiliate income through AdWords. When the eBook, "Google Cash" came out a while ago, it described ways that you could generate affiliate income using AdWords without having either a website or a mailing list.

Since then, AdWords policy was changed, allowing only one AdWords ad for each affiliate target URL. This resulted in affiliate marketers either giving up altogether on this strategy, or cutting their profit margins by having to increase their AdWords bid amounts.

In this section of "AdWords Miracle", Chris has taken this out-of-date strategy and made it work under the new AdWords policy. His two-pronged approach has, once again, levelled the playing field and made it possible to carry on earning affiliate income without a website or a mailing list.

I particularly like his fast "skimming" niche research method and his methodical approach to developing campaigns from low-cost, low-earning campaigns to higher earning campaigns once a niche has proved to be profitable.

What seemed out of place in this "odds and sods" section was the discussion about keywords. All highly relevant, but parts of it should have appeared earlier in the book - particularly the part describing "match types".

What I Liked About "AdWords Miracle"

Overall, I think that most of the content is great. It's certainly opened my eyes to possibilities I'd not previously considered. I really have to make the time to start implementing most of his recommendations. But apart from the quality of the information, there were other things that I really liked:

  • His style: Chris writes in a clear and personal way, not just describing what you need to do, but what he actually does. And he writes in a believable way; you feel that he really does know what he's talking about.
  • Lack of advertising: Many paid-for eBooks I've read have been stuffed with adverts and affiliate links. Not so in this eBook. It is refreshingly free from any kind of advertising.
  • Lack of "fluff" and BS: Well, nearly a lack! Chris does go over the top a little bit - e.g.: "When you build up your 'skimming portfolio', your financial freedom is pretty much guaranteed." Fortunately there's not much of this!

What I Didn't Like

Fairly minor niggles, really:

  • The Contents Page: It would have nice to have hyperlinks from the contents page to each section or headline
  • Hyperlinks not working: I couldn't find a single hyperlink that was clickable, even though they looked like hyperlinks. I suspect that Chris used a cheap PDF creator which couldn't handle hyperlinks.
  • Too large a font size: I always like to print out interesting eBooks so that I can read them wherever I like, and I can make notes on them. If Chris had used a smaller font, I wouldn't have had so many pages to print. And each page took much longer to print than you'd expect for a mainly text-only eBook.
  • Poor structuring of the eBook: This was mainly in the last section where, as I explained above, parts of it should have been incorporated in earlier sections.

These are fairly minor points, and shouldn't put you off getting "AdWords Miracle" if the content sounds good to you.


If you are completely new to internet marketing then probably "AdWords Miracle" will be a little too advanced for you. "Google AdWords 1-2-3" might be a better starting point for you.

But if you've been around internet marketing for more than a few months, and you're interested in opening up multiple income streams through affiliate marketing, then you should definitely consider buying it - even if you are new to AdWords.

You should also consider buying it if you are already running AdWords campaigns. The section on "Writing Your Ads" is essential reading - unless you are a brilliant copywriter.

At first glance, the price asked for what is a short eBook (and not a single "bonus" in sight!) might seem high. Don't be deceived! When you consider how much cash you can waste on AdWords advertising, the price suddenly starts to look much more attractive.

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