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*"ANYONE Can Create Their Own Blog Quickly AND Successfully Make A Profit, Even If They Have NO IDEA What A Blog Actually Is"

What The Heck Is A 'Blog' Anyway and Why Do I Care?
Plain and simple a blog, or weblog as some refer to it, is nothing more than an electronic journal or diary you use to enter your thoughts or ideas using web-based programs.

But, a blog can be so much more than this. It can also be used to enhance your online business or personal site. It can be used to offer up tutorials or free content you may not want to include on your regular website. In fact, a blog can be a website in and of itself!

Blogs are designed to be whatever it is you want them to be, giving you complete creative control over every aspect of your blog.

Using a blog can be very beneficial to you whether you have an online business or you simply need some sort of emotional expressive outlet to be you. And they are extremely easy to create (you don't need to learn HTML once your blog has been set up!), use, and profit from even if you have never made a blog in your life!

It's True!

Even if you haven't ever heard the word blog before, our toolkit makes it completely possible for you to not only create one easily, but to even earn money from it without the need to sell anything at all!

It really doesn't matter whether you use your new blog as a personal instrument of self discovery or as an additional marketing tool for your existing online business, using Blog In A Box you can create a blog that stands apart from all others, and you can do it within a matter of minutes!

Blogging is little more than an electronic version of something many of you have most likely had and used earlier in your lives, and some of you may still be using to this very day. What is it? You can find the answer to this and more inside Blog In A Box.

  • Write About Virtually Any Topic That Interests You
  • Be Successful No Matter What Your Skill Level Is
  • Have All The Necessary Tools Right At Your Fingertips Whenever You Need Them
  • Change The Look Of Your Blog With Minimal Effort
Take a look at what some of our most recent satisfied customers have to say about Blog In A Box:
"For someone like me who is a complete novice at blogging, I found this product to be more than helpful. You have provided a wealth of information that is necessary to know when dealing in the complexity of beginning your own blog from the ground up. I never would have gotten started and would have been completely lost without my "Blog in a Box".

Thanks again for this awesome product."

Lori Weiss

"Thank you for a superb tool, it is the 'Swiss Armyknife' for bloggers"

Gunnar Berglund

"Your Blog in a Box is just what the beginner needs! With the great looking templates and helpful instructions anyone can have their own blog up & running in no time!"


"It's nice to see someone finally take action by offering a nice "All-in-One" packaged solution. This would be a great resource, and starting point, for people just getting started with blogs. Can't wait to see what your future versions may hold!"

J. Delcamp

If It's So Easy, Why Has No One Used It Before Now?
Most likely it's because they just don't know about blogging. While blogging has been around for years it's popularity is just now beginning to grow, and at an alarming rate! There are millions of blogs that can be found all across the internet with millions more expected to be created before the end of 2005. Now is the time to use this simple form of publication to your advantage.

Another reason could be that because using and creating a blog is completely free, many online marketers tend to steer away from these types of tactics believing that free solutions have no value and in turn do not work. In most cases, this is true, but not when it comes to blogging.

One last reason to ponder is skepticism. Maybe it's hard to believe that something you have never heard of can be so simple to use and give you the freedom to write about what you choose and it can even make you money. Plus it's free too??!

Yeah Right!

But this is fact and not fiction. It is possible and easy and profitable and you have everything you need all in one kit.

So What's In It Already?

You don't buy a car based on what the salesperson is feeding you, and you shouldn't buy anything else that way either. So please, look at all the fantastic products you receive when you decide to purchase Blog In A Box today.

  • 20 Pre-Built Blog Templates in Easy-To-Use HTML format complete with PSD files for easy modification to fit your needs in a variety of styles and colors all with MASTER RESALE RIGHTS ready to use immediately with Blogger®™ but easy to adjust for use with any blogging software
  • Easy-To-Follow Instruction Guides that take you through all the "Ins" and "Outs" of blogging, How To Begin Profiting From Your Blog, and Beyond
  • A Full Resource List of where to blog, tutorials on blogging, more in depth information about blogs, and More
  • Extensive Collection of Blogging Creation Tools and Blog Enhancement Scripts

Before you make your final decision, we want you to look at a few examples of the quality of blog templates you will be getting. Each are original creations never before seen anywhere else all available to you. Don't forget, you're getting 20 including the ones shown below. Understand also that these are small, low resolution images and not the full working templates, so the quality you will be getting is much, much better.

Want More?
You got it!
How about we give you Full Resale Rights to Blog In A Box so that it will pay for itself and continue to make a profit for you? Yes, it becomes your product to sell - and you get to keep 100% of the sales price

Plus, we'll give you FREE Lifetime Upgrades to Blog In A Box with your purchase.

Not enough? All right.

We'll even throw in a copy of this very web page so when and if you decide to resell Blog In A Box, with a few minor adjustments you're ready to roll!

GuaranteeHold on. How about if we also give you a 100%
30 Day Money Back Guarantee if Blog In A Box is not everything we say it is? That gives you a risk-free opportunity to own it and sell it. But we know you will absolutely love it and want to keep Blog In A Box because of everything it can and will do for you.

And, on top of everything else, we'll give it to you immediately after your purchase so you can get started right away!

Bonus #1 download - "Build Your Own Website"
And yes, there's even more! As a special bonus we're giving you a superb beginners guide to "Build Your Own Website". Written by Quentin Brown, this easy-to-use guide takes you through all the steps you need to take to get your own website up and running. And, even if you reckon that you're pretty experienced in website building, there's a few tricks in this eBook that you can learn from.

Bonus #2 download - "Webmaster Tools"
Allan Saw's classic collection of tools for webmasters (and webmistresses!) is legendary. In one easy-to-use program, you have all the software you need to add sparkle - and security - to your website. You get tools that protect your email address from being harvested by spammers, that enable you to change the color of your scrollbars, that enable you to produce drop-down menus.. and much more. We're offering you Allan's "Black Label" edition, with over 40 tools for your website.

How Much?
You can get your very own copy of Blog In A Box right now for a Very Low Special Introductory Price of just $67 $27. This is an amazing value we are offering you. Get your hands on a BRAND NEW product that we believe will exceed our expectations with flying colors due to the increased attention blogs are getting for just a fraction of the regular price of $67. Remember that with just One Sale, Blog In A Box pays for itself! But you don't have to stop there. Make it really work for you by selling it over and over turning it into a profit pulling machine! And then there's the two superb bonuses for you to download.

Wishing you every success

Ian Traynor

The Marketing Tipster

P.S. - This ridiculously low price is only for a trial period. I'll probably be putting the price up soon. So if you want to lock in to this low, low introductory price and get the two valuable bonuses, buy Blog In A Box right now!

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