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That's right. You can get Marketing Tipster's daily tips delivered to your desktop daily. All that you need to do is to download one tiny bit of software, and a handy little icon is placed on your PC's desktop. Just click on it once a day and you'll get a practical sales or marketing tip delivered to you - 365 days a year.

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Just paste a couple of lines of code into your web pages - and your site will deliver a daily stream of marketing and sales tips to your visitors - just the stuff to get them returning to your site day after day! You can pick up the code after completing the form on the left.

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Every now and again - it depends on how generous I'm feeling! - there will be a free sales or marketing-oriented gift that you can download. It might be an eBook or a bit of useful software or a report. But it will be something that will be useful to you as a sales / marketing professional. Marketing Tipster will let you know when these free gifts are coming - and how to download them.

Oh, and there's a free gift waiting for you as soon as you've filled in the form on the left.

Recommended resources
I regularly scource the web looking for useful products and services related to selling and marketing - both offline and online (and the boundaries are becoming increasingly blurred; whatever the medium, we're dealing with people, aren't we?).

So I've set up the "Marketing Choices" website to suggest to you what you might find useful. Tipster will point you to this site every day.

So.. I hope that enjoy your daily dose of sales and marketing tips - and all the other bonuses that come with it. It can all be yours completely free just by completing the form on the left.